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Policy Management Software

Streamline the complete Policy Management life cycle.

Because clear policies help management apply consistent standards across an organization, policy management is essential for business operations, compliance, and risk management.

In most organizations, policy content has evolved in a haphazard manner. So, when a new law, compliance program, or major change comes along, the company reinvents the wheel. 

In recent years, the need for a policy management system has skyrocketed. Hundreds of document management providers and software solutions have emerged with similar features.

Zavanta stands alone as the only cloud-based software solution that combines automation features with policy management tools to ensure consistent, high-quality content and a better user experience.  

Zavanta provides the essentials for Policy Management: 

  • Standardize policy creation and give policy creators a proven structure for authoring policies
  • Control what users can and cannot do, as well as policy access
  • Automate version control, tracking, reviews, and sign-offs
  • Monitor usage analytics of procedure documents
  • Make your organization's policies more accessible; break through the limitations of static document approaches
  • Establish a single source of truth
Top Policy Management Tool

Consistent policy creation and

full life cycle automation.
One solution.


Modernize your policy management process.

You get the power of management automation with tools to deliver a better audience experience and drive risk management.

  • Create policy content that is easy to understand and update with built-in structured authoring.
  • Automate all phases from authoring to reviews to publishing with workflows. See where any document is in the flow and where reviews are stuck.
  • Link regulatory compliance and accreditation standards to related SOPs and policies.
  • Monitor attestation and usage analytics with customizable dashboards.
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Publish policies to a searchable web portal. No IT needed.

Who says policies and procedures are boring? Our customers are creating amazing experiences for their employees without IT or expensive developers.

Zavanta is a policy management solution designed so business users can manage and maintain their online portal on their own. 

Include videos, podcasts, and pictures, attach tests and attestation, create kiosks, and more.

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Link Policies to the Procedures for how to carry them out.

Zavanta's unique "drill-down" architecture links high-level business processes and policies to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) employees should follow to comply with policies.  

The result: you have a complete "ecosystem" that connects all the information and best practices people need to do their job. You can take any process and walk someone through it from start to finish.

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Link Policies to the Procedures for how to carry them out.

Give managers the tools they need to improve policy usability.

Zavanta provides easy access to reporting and dashboards so managers can see analytics such as the most popular search term, which policy is accessed the most, and more.

  • Track which employees have read and understand policies and procedures with Read Verify
  • Create tests and quizzes, set pass/fail rules, report results to management in real-time
  • Monitor usage results and report analytics to auditors
  • Engage users by embedding feedback tools into each policy
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Give managers the tools they need to improve Policy usability.

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