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Policy Management Software

Zavanta by Comprose

Streamline the complete policy management life cycle.

Because clear policies help management apply consistent standards across an organization, policy management is essential for business operations, compliance, and risk management.

Do you organization's policies and procedures evolve in a haphazard manner. So, when a new law, regulation, or major change comes along, you scramble to regain compliance? 

Zavanta stands alone as the only cloud-based software solution that combines automation features with policy management tools to ensure consistent, high-quality content with the ability to link to regulatory requirements for a better experience for both authors and readers.  

Zavanta is an end-to-end policy management solution:

  • Standardize policy creation and give creators a proven method for writing policies with guided authoring
  • Control document and feature access via role-based permissions
  • Automate and centralize version control, revision management, tracking, reviews, and sign-offs
  • Monitor usage analytics of procedure documents in your user-friendly dashboard
  • Link regulatory compliance standards and regulations to related SOPs and policies

Top Policy Management System

Consistent policy creation and

full life cycle automation.
One solution.

Single Source of Truth for Employees

You get the power of management automation with tools to deliver a better audience experience. Start with a customized online portal for quick policy access. 

  • Branded portal. Improve employee engagement when your team accesses your fully branded portal.
  • Quick links. Set quick links on your portal home page so employees can easily access the most important documents.
  • Advanced search. Reliable, intuitive search makes it easy for employees to find the most updated policies and procedures.
  • Linking. Zavanta's unique "drill-down" architecture links business processes and policies to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) employees should follow to comply with policies.

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Give managers the tools they need to improve policy usability.

Zavanta provides easy access to reporting and dashboards so managers can see analytics such as the most popular search term, which policy is accessed the most, and more.

  • Read Verify and eSignature. Track which employees have read and understand policies and procedures.
  • Tests and quizzes. Set pass/fail rules, report results to management in real-time.
  • Checklists. Transform your procedures into interactive checklists.
  • Audit trail. Monitor usage results and report analytics to auditors.
  • User feedback. Engage users by embedding feedback tools into each policy.
Give managers the tools they need to improve Policy usability.

Automate and centralize all phases of the document life cycle.

Zavanta is the policy and procedure management solution with workflows that automate tasks together across all phases of the process within the system: authoring, reviews, approvals, versioning, and publishing. No more chasing down approvals via email.

Zavanta gives you visibility to the entire process. You can see where any document is in the flow from your dashboard. 

Additional features include:

  • Checklists
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Linking and integrations
  • Automated numbering system

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policy management document lifecycle

Streamline policy and procedure creation. 


Structured Content. Zavanta is built on a structured content model that captures your writing in logical chunks stored in a database so it’s easier to find, repurpose, manage, and translate.

Guided Authoring. With guided authoring, Zavanta gives your authors standardized templates with “fill-in-the-blank” authoring wizard. 

Standardized Templates. Administrators can customize your default templates and formatting settings. Zavanta handles the formatting instead of your authors and gives your readers consistent, easy-to-consume content.

Additional features include: 

  • Pick lists 
  • Mass updates 
  • Required fields
  • Add multi-media
  • AI writing support 
  • Global translation 
  • Drag and drop step engine

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