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Policy and Procedure Software

Create a system people
want to use.

Keeping employees trained and operating the right way is essential for success.

Unfortunately most organizations spend thousands of dollars creating policy and procedure documents -- formatted 100 different ways -- that no one uses!  Managing them is tough, especially at scale.  And, if you are regulated, you have to be able to prove that people read and understand essential policies and procedures.

Better document management and automation tools only solve part of the problem. 

Zavanta stands alone as the only solution that combines automation with the tools to ensure consistent, high-quality content and a better user experience.

Zavanta has enabled organizations across all industries and government sectors:

  • Create policy and procedure content that is clear, consistent, and complete
  • Deliver user-friendly in a variety of ways: over the web, in print or manuals
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance time
  • Ensure employees always have the right version
  • Automate the complete life cycle from authoring through reviews, publishing and ongoing updates - without IT
"We had a lot of procedures on SharePoint. SharePoint gave us no help in developing the policy and procedure documents. We wanted a more complete solution; one that would help us document our policies and procedures and provide better change management.”
Mahlon Meier, Senior Compliance Analyst
Colonial Savings

Overcome the inefficiencies of unstructured document methods.


Zavanta's structure ensures clarity, consistency.

Zavanta's structured authoring wizard prompts authors for all the right information, in the right order, ensuring nothing is left out. 

Auto-generate all knowledge assets - web, print, PDFs, manuals -- without any re-formatting.

Create a better experience for employees with an engaging Employee Portal. Link all knowledge assets together. Include videos, podcasts and more. Press a button, updates go out to your workforce instantly.


Automate tasks across the complete life cycle.

Workflows automate tasks together across all phases: authoring, reviews, publishing, versioning and notifications. Zavanta gives you visibility to the entire process; you can see where any document is in the flow. 

  • Create scheduled campaigns for employee attestation
  • Notify key managers when a policy or procedure comes up for review
  • Automate versioning, rollback to prior versions, archive past versions

Discover what Zavanta can do for you.